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My practice supports the quest for truth and the constant learning we must do in order to thrive as best we can in a very traumatized world.  I run an unconventional, honest, real, grounded healing practice.  I meet you where you are and walk beside you.  Not ahead of you.


I practice Reiki because it is the most gentle, direct, compassionate, and honest alternative therapy I’ve ever experienced.  I constantly am processing energy and emotions, even if I’m sitting by myself with no one around.  It’s part of being highly sensitive and empathetic.  I can’t turn it off, although I’d argue that’s what my deep depressions did earlier in my life.  They shut my sensitivity system down so I survived being overwhelmed by grief and well, the world.  If I am exposed to too much sensory overload, I need to disconnect.  It is a need.  I know not everyone has this privilege, either.  I certainly didn’t in my early years.  The world is not built for the highly sensitive.  It’s very difficult to thrive here.  We do the best we can with what we can’t control.  I can help you navigate this world if you have heightened sensitivities.  I can’t fix you, but you don’t need to be fixed.  You need compassion, understanding, boundaries and love.  I have overcome a traumatic past and figured out how to navigate the world and find compassionate and loving support.  I have a wealth of knowledge, intuition, and compassion.  

My Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare – UW Madison, class of 2006
  • Bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies – UW-Madison, class of 2006
  • Certified Grief Support Specialist – UW-Madison, class of 2020
  • Motivational Interviewing certification – UW-Madison, class of 2006
  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner since 2019
  • Legally Ordained Minister since 2017
  • Chakra Certification – TeriLeigh Wellness University, class of 2018
  • Experience working in the Social Work and Healthcare fields for over 15 years

I'm a spiritual person, but I'm honestly not a fan of the stereotypical spiritual person.

Many are pretending to be something “enlightened” and are not genuine in the least.  I love music.  I love dancing, rapping, and singing and if I had been blessed with the gift of a beautiful voice I’d be an entertainer or pop star.  Concerts are worth the energetic overload for me because I thrive on that kind of awesome joyful energy.  I love humor.  I have a fantastic sense of humor.  I’m a fan of puns, satire, dad jokes, cussing for enhanced expression, and fun loving and compassionate sarcasm.  Humor heals. I love entertainment and the arts. I can understand people and don’t fuss about the semantics they use.  In other words, I know what you mean, even if you don’t say it eloquently.  I usually can figure out what a person needs to start healing.  Most of the time they need a listening ear and no advice at all.  Or what I like to call, practicing what I learned in Empathy Compassion and Grief Support 101. They need a space to feel safe expressing themselves and where they can be who they truly are and release what is weighing them down. 

There are things I cannot change.  I wish I could, I try my best to do all I can in my individual life to push against the system that benefits few and destroys many.  The reality is, no one needs a healer.  They need safety in a living wage, affordable Healthcare, and equity.  Those things alone would solve so much pain that exists in the world.  There are also many things that can be solved with straight honesty delivered with compassion.  I don’t practice or support any kind of manifestation practices that ignore pain or the struggle of an individual, group, or of humanity as a whole.  I am honest about who I am and what I believe and support.  I am philosophical, but I draw the line when people use any personal belief system to harm others.  I care about other people.  I want a world where people can be who they are freely, while respecting and caring for others.  We can be who we are while caring about others.  Not everyone will benefit from my services.  I do not push weird wishy washy techniques that keep you hurting while I make money off of you and make you dependent on me.  I firmly stand against that, which is why I don’t support that typical spiritualist guru money making scheme.  “I know my worth” is what any egotistical guru will tell you to keep you feeling inferior while you continue paying them gross amounts of money to stay miserable while they profit off your pain. I don’t support cults in any way.  That goes for religious, spiritual, and political.  Clients of mine need to know I am deeply involved in humanitarian issues.  Like I said above, a lot of pain would be resolved if basic needs are met.  I’m a hopeful realist.  Most healing comes from basic needs being met before you can thrive in this world.  Even then, it’s difficult to feel fully safe in being yourself.  I believe anyone can bounce back from life’s hardships, but it is not necessarily done through mantras and meditations alone.  It’s done by getting support and doing what you can do each day within your personal limits.  Anyone who “heals” does it with support and a lot of personal accountability and boundary setting.  It is not easy.  It is not magical.  It will be immensely difficult.  Not everyone is blessed with the resources to do so.  Again, this is why I fight for those resources. 

So who is my “target client?”  Ugh, no one should be a “target client.”  How about, who can I assist in their healing journey?  People who care deeply about humanity.  That’s probably who I can help the most.  The compassionate ones.  The sensitive ones.  The misunderstood ones.  If you’re a self absorbed person who only cares about money and power, you’re not for me.  I am extremely sensitive.  I’ve survived deep depressions, intense panic disorder, and had to really figure out a lot about myself and how I process energy and emotions.  My brain operates uniquely.  Sometimes things are so obvious and clear, it frustrates me how so many can’t see it. This is why I’m very good at comforting others and helping them feel seen and understood. I’m neurodivergent.  So, the world basically has never been an easy place for me to live in.  I have found my way and what helps me function in the world.  Medications hurt me more than help, but I fight to desigmatize them because they can help many.  I know the healthcare system in the US is deeply flawed in many ways.  I still support science and compassion in this field.  I support therapy, and still understand it can be harmful for sensitive people because we don’t fit into the neurotypical model.  


A little bit more about Kara…

Kara lives in Franksville, WI.  She has lived in Wisconsin her entire life.  Community is very important to her and believes each individual brings great value to their community.  She loves plants, flowers, gardening, and being outdoors.  She loves food and is a self proclaimed foodie.  Kara has been happily married to her husband, Rick since 2014.  They have an adorable puppy who they absolutely love and adore, named Bounce.  Yes, Bounce Energy Healing is named after him.