Truth Bombs

No illness or struggle of any form is a competition.  Each is valid.  Each matter.  When I say, my depression was incredibly severe and I was told by psychiatrists and doctors that it may never lift, I do not say it to imply I had it worse than anyone else or to get sympathy.  I say it because I want to emphasize that overcoming even the most severe cases of anything is very possible.  I say it to motivate.  To inspire.  To help. 

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Avoidance.  We all do it.  Avoid things that we know will set our soul on fire and make us who we are meant to be.  We hold ourselves back for various reasons.  Too much work, worry of what others think, too much money, worry about being selfish, worry about losing someone/something/ourselves.  All these things and more I like to sum up in the category of, avoidance.

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